Inaugural Jeff Showcase

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Events and conferences | 0 comments

Our inaugural showcase was held at The Hyatt Regency Manchester, the event was attended by over 150 delegates including academics, clinicians, students, people from industry, charities, and members of the public.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell introduced the showcase which led on to an afternoon of talks from our brilliant researchers who described the work going on in Manchester. This included the exciting potential of graphene in biomedical applications including in glioblastoma, our fresh approaches to drug discovery for brain haemorrhage, testing tears as a biomarker for brain cancer, and examples of research which is already making a difference to patients’ lives. Ann Bamford, our patient representative gave an inspirational talk highlighting the importance of involving patients in the research process.



The afternoon was brought to a close by celebrating the fundraisers who have raised £17,800 over the last two years to support further research in brain conditions. Poster prizes were awarded to two PhD students, first prize went to Olivia Jones for her project on imaging inflammation after stroke and 2nd prize to Olivia Murray for her work on using brain imaging and AI to predict recovery after stroke.



We also announced the winners of our new strategic prize fund, set up to fund individual projects up to a total of £10k. The winners were:

Irene Rebollido Pedrido for her research on “D-2-HG detection in tear fluid of patients with IDH1/2-mutant gliomas: method development.”  Andrew Greenhalgh and Tom Grundy for their research into “Capturing, diagnosing, and evaluating those at risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) type dementia – proof of concept pilot study of retired professional rugby players “  and finally, Claire Mitchell, our joint theme lead for rehabilitation, and Ann Bamford for their work to support recruitment and retention of the underserved aphasia population within the dysarthria study, “Speech After Stroke RecoverY Study (SAYS)” and will also be able to offer research experience to a speech and language therapist.









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