Health Inequalities and Stroke Rapid Literature Review

by | Jun 13, 2023 | News, Research | 0 comments

Health inequalities are unfair differences in health between different groups in society. Led by our Rehabilitation and Living with Disability theme lead Professor Audrey Bowen, researchers from The University of Manchester, The University of Edinburgh, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust and other networks conducted a commissioned rapid review of the research literature of health inequalities and stroke as a first step to finding out what research exists on health inequalities across the stroke pathway, and collated these studies.

This review highlights the type of research evidence that exists, as well as obvious gaps, that could inform research commissioning; concluding that most studies explored socio-economic status or ethnicity rather than other lenses of inequalities, resulting in sparse evidence for vulnerable groups and urban/rural geographical differences.

You can read the full report and findings here: